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Ironically I'm a camera shy, concert junky, adventure lovin', and art obsessed Indiana girl who's heart is livin' it up in colorado.  Most people dig my free spirit and sometimes my stubbornness too. I'm all about embracing  making a path for myself in this crazy world. My family definitely refers to me as the flower child. 

 I've been creating my art  for 8 years now and I’m so ready for you to have photos that make you do that little happy dance that you do.

your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

I feel incredibly honored to be a part of your special day, and to have the opportunity to capture the moments that make it truly unforgettable.

For me, wedding photography is about more than just taking pictures. It's about connecting with my clients, understanding their needs, and creating a truly personalized experience that reflects who they are. My clients are more than just customers to me- that's why I'm committed to  providing an experience that's as emotional and meaningful as it is beautiful.   When you work with me, you can trust that I'll be there to capture every tear, every laugh, and every moment of pure joy. Because for me, wedding photography isn't just a job - it's a calling, a passion, and a privilege. 

I'm girl who lives for good vibes and good tunes. You can catch me listening to indie rock or good ol' 50/60s classics. I'm pretty introverted but you'd never guess unless I told you! That's probably why I have such a go with flow approach with a bit of structure haha.

If I'm not editing I'm probably watching a crime doc or mentally re-decorating my  future house. I have a four legged baby! I know you're thinking...Cat..Dog... Nope! Plot twist, I have a chameleon!  I understand crazy, as I am the  middle child of 11 siblings. yes, you read that right. Eleven.  Think I can't handle your family?? Don't  worry, I promise my family is  more dysfunctional than yours.

Beyond the camera

Our next adventure 

Ez and I are so excited to start this next chapter and the opportunity to build a life together in such a beautiful state. We wanna thank our family, friends, and our incredible clients who have helped make this dream a reality. Don’t worry Indiana peeps it’s not goodbye, just a ‘catch you later’ with a few extra miles.

To my current clients, I will definitely be back frequently so don’t freak out hehe! It’s starting to feel like I’m gonna be living in two states at once. To new clients I will still be taking a select few Indiana weddings a year in addition to Colorado + beyond.

We’re haulin’ ourselves to Colorado, April 2024! 

 Betrothed to Bones

Soulful imagery for spirited lovers

specializing in photography that's both moody and elegant, modern and eccentric.

Betrothed to Bones is inspired by the idea that death do us part, and I believe that every special moment  should be captured with the same passion and intensity.

Connecting with my clients to make the shooting process comfortable is my superpower. My couples book me for my signature prompt-based posing AKA no awkward prom poses. And moody true-to-color editing style. Whether you're looking for creative portraits, or stunning wedding photos, I've got you covered. I offer a range of services designed to meet your needs and budget.  

why Betrothed to Bones?

I’m not just a photographer - I’m an artist who is dedicated to creating stunning, one-of-a-kind images that capture who you are.  I’m committed to providing an experience that's as personalized and unique as you are.

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More About Me


This is where it started

My Grandma, one of my biggest inspirations, passed away. I was lost and heartbroken. As a middle schooler who was um veryyy impulsive. I splurged hard earned money on things I didn’t even necessarily know why I was buying. From these purchases I taught myself how to draw, paint, longboard, paddle board, and last but not least take pictures. This was the year I saved up and bought my first camera. I had 0 clue as to why I wanted to buy a camera but I did. I started taking photos of family and friends for fun.


my first wedding

After years of practicing and shooting a little bit of everything I finally got the opportunity to shoot my first wedding. It was here that I found my heart the most happy. I knew immediately this is exactly what I wanted to do, wedding photography. So I began to niche down. No more shooting angry babies and random side gigs. I had my heart set on one thing and all I knew is I was gonna get there.


my senior year

I was living teenage me’s dreams preparing to start my tattoo apprenticeship after graduation. Suddenly my senior year and other milestones were ripped away from me by Covid-19. My heart was crushed. I lost all hope. I was quarantined and rarely got to pick up my camera. All tattoo shops were closed, I said goodbye to my apprenticeship. All this and being under lots of pressure to use my scholarship I caved and opted to go to college in hopes of becoming a Lawyer. I got accepted into IUPUI and was on track to start my first semester. Although I was very passionate about justice deep down I knew I never wanted to go to college. I had always said I would never “waste” money on college. I withdrew before the semester started


the big boom

 I’m now running my business full-time and preparing to move to Colorado in April 2024 with the love of my life! I just celebrated my 8 year business anniversary<3 This journey has been nothing but eventful, I'm living and learning! I am so truly beyond blessed and thankful for all the people that have made this life I've built possible.


My biggest & toughest year yet! 

 I decided to trust whatever life had in store and make my passion for photography my full-time gig! It’s not a job to me so I don't like to call it that lol! Life did throw a few curve balls my way… My roommate bailed on me so I ended my lease on my apartment. I became a nomad for 2 months. I slept on my parent's couch. Or where-ever. While all this happened my dog at the time passed away. I was broken. I had no consistency in my life, I had no place to call home. I felt lost again. Unexpectedly, I got the opportunity to work part-time for a family friend in exchange for a place to live. I was so truly blessed and the timing was perfect. 


adulting 101

I kept busy working the corporate 9-5 at a dirty gross job working in cars. I got my first apartment! My photography had really taken off and kept me busy.


 I’m an Eneagram 8 wing 9

Frank Ocean, Jack Johnson, and Cage the Elephant are my jam.

My favorite foods are tacos, cinnamon rolls, and cheesecake.

I’m overly obsessed with The Office

I’ll eat breakfast food for every meal if no one stops me

My fave color is  green

Ya girls a Capricorn

I obsess over sunsets